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STEIFFFREUNDE = Steiff-friends offers from a private collector in Germany STEIFF Replica bears and animals . The  replica bears are from Europe/Asia and the USA and covering the period 1980 -2003.   Since the 1960’s we are collecting STEIFF  animals and bears. We are offering to the interested collector Steiff Replica bears and animals from Europe/Asia and the USA  from  the period 1980-2003. Because all of us are getting older we are looking for new homes for our friends. We seperated the bears by countries and we added an additional search tool.  This should make it easier for you to find your favorite friend on our website. We are referencing the Steiff products to the pages in the PFEIFFER Steiff book from 1949-1999. Most of the Steiff bears and animals are in mint condition and in their original boxes. Please contact us by phone   01149-234932565511 ( 49 is the country code for Germany) or send us an email at We love to help you in the search for a new friend. With the best wishes the Family Wittenberg     OFFER OF THE WEEK The STEIFF PASSAT bear was produced in 1996 with a limited edition of 1500 for the Morgenroth Company in Luebeck/Germany. We are offering this beautiful bear in his original package, as  seen in the picture . Please contact us at if you want any further information.